Kyrenia Taxi Number

kyrenia taxi number


Kyrenia Taxi Number; It is a number that everyone who needs a Taxi should know in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus. Kyrenia Taxi is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Kyrenia Taxi Number 0539 110 79 14 is. You can reach Kyrenia Taxi staff at any time from this number.


Transportation is a big problem in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus. Public transport is available during daylight hours. However, after 18:00, you may find it difficult to find public transportation and you may not even find it at all. For this reason, Kyrenia Taxi importance is very important. When you want to go somewhere in Kyrenia, it becomes a necessity to use a taxi.


Taxi fare is slightly higher in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus, compared to other provinces. But thanks to the Girne Taxi Number, this problem is considered to be solved. The center of Kyrenia and its relative starts from 25 TL. It takes about 2 hours from one end of Northern Cyprus to the other and you may have to pay more taxi fare for such a journey. In such a case, you can go to the address you want in Kyrenia at very reasonable prices by contacting the Kyrenia Taxi Number 0539 110 79 14 to travel with the most affordable taxi prices.


When you contact Girne Taxi Number 0539 110 79 14, they will send you luxury Mercedes E class sedan cars or Mercedes Vito minibuses for more crowded groups, which are made on time and disinfected after each passenger. The taxi price of the Mercedes Vito Minibus is one click higher than the sedan car. If you want to have a comfortable, healthy and safe journey, Kyrenia Taxi will be a good service for you.


It is known that there is more air transportation today. However, airport transfers are also becoming very important. As the general definition of airport transfers; It can be explained as the business of taking the passengers from Ercan airport to the required hotels, holiday villages or different addresses. Also this; It is also done for the opposite. In other words, it is also explained as taking the individual from the address and taking them to Ercan Airport. Kyrenia Taxi Number provides important services on behalf of the passengers arriving at Ercan Airport. This service has various privileges. The individual can get Ercan Airport Transfer service according to their comfort. The only thing an individual has to do is to reach the taxi stand. Transfer service will be available in the time period depending on the flight. In this way, the individual will reach the place he wants to reach easily and comfortably.

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